Felt like taking a moment to redo my own!

Love my new resume!

Resume Pretty


Brand New Resume!

Just did a new one for one of my best friends, Colleen! I had a lot of fun with hers!


Colleen Resume

New ones :)

Two of my friends asked for new resumes within the last few weeks, and here are the finished products 🙂 For Jess, I also wrote her a cover letter to help her out getting a job as a teaching assistant 🙂







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About to do two more!

Just got offers to do two more resumes, hopefully to get done this week. I’ll make sure to post them up as more examples when I’m finished. Both are/were WRTC (writing, rhetoric and technical communication) majors at my school, so most likely they’ll both want something simple to fit their writing concentrations, although both also work in media fields, so there will probably be some creativity added as well!

Hunger Games Bridal Style!

My second post on the Virginia Bride magazine blog!



Also, email me if you do need a new resume design! I’m still messing around in Adobe programs a lot, and would be happy to help you!

Hunger Games Wedding!

Hey guys! I mentioned I also got an opportunity to write for the blog for a wedding magazine (basically the first step of my DREAM job), and I wanted to post my first post here as well! Do me a favor and go look at it!!



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